“It’s such a beautiful feeling to make real contact with them, with another animal, the notion that you’re able to transcend your own species.”

“You have to be careful, always. These are dangerous animals and you shouldn’t… you should not want them to like you.”

“We often call it the psychiatric ward, we say to each other: let’s do our patient rounds. Because we have many animals with the same symptoms as psychiatric patients.”

“How long will we carry on? A month? A year? Ten years? When is a resocialisation succesful? When do we say this can’t go on?”

“After living 36 years with a human, maybe he doesn’t want to be with other chimps, that’s possible. A resocialisation process can fail.”

“They are social animals, like humans, they need to be together, to fight, play, reconciliate, have sex. Do you want to have a chimp alone? Is that ethical?”